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The sole purpose of a roof is to provide security that will maintain any structure’s integrity. There is no standard approach to follow during installation since each house comes with a unique design. Therefore, it is vital to bring on board a knowledgeable roofer with an in-depth understanding of the subject. As a commercial building owner, you must make a good decision when selecting a roof for your building. Flat roofs are the most commonly utilized for such setups. You could be wondering why? Well, the flat roof is just an umbrella term. The following are options that you might consider.

Metal Systems.

Metal roofings are one of the oldest types ever used. Metal comes in distinct variation. Bronze and lead are common examples as they were durable and improved the aesthetics of structures. Currently, you will find options made from Copper, aluminum, zinc, or a combination of either of them. Technology has provided a platform for the formation of galvanized steel, also known as stainless steel. These are some of the best materials for commercial roofing since they come with numerous benefits. The material is durable and resistant to heat. Furthermore, they do not suffer risks during strong winds. There are different types of techniques that a roofer can use during installation.

Built-Up Systems.

Built-up roofing systems, also known as BUR, have been around for almost 100 years. Their manufacturing employs multiple layers of asphalt and roofing felts. These two get reinforced with fiberglass mats or ply sheets to form a durable roofing structure. The number of plies determines the name, for instance, a three-layer membrane system. One massive benefit of this design is they are strong. If one layer suffers breakage, the immediate sheet will shield it. They can withstand stress and thermal pressure hence durability.

Single Ply Systems.

Single-ply roofing systems are a new thing but have experienced positive inception in the market. They are reliable for your commercial structure. They require minimal maintenance and can serve you for an extended duration. The two categories of single-ply membranes include thermoset membranes and thermoplastic membranes. Your choice is dependent on your needs. The costing can also guide you in this process.

Mod Bit Systems.

These are industrially fabricated layers of asphalt. The modification employs rubber or plastic to ensure there is sufficient flexibility. There is also the addition of reinforcement, a guarantee of durability. The installation requires at least three sets to ensure it can protect the structure. The different options include heat welded, fully adhered, mechanically attached, and fire-rated, among others.


The different options of commercial roofing systems are all reliable. However, it is crucial to evaluate your needs against the specifications of the models. It would help if you got value for money. Ascertain on factors like the level of maintenance required and room for repair or replacements. These materials are durable, but after a long time, they get exposed to wear and tear. Ensure your seller offers a warranty as it will cushion you from untimely expenses. Regular inspection is vital as it helps to reveal any problems before they escalate.

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