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What is the complaints process? Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. All the staff were friendly and helpful. You can make a complaint in any of the following ways: This form will not work unless you enable cookies. A few days later I received a call from a man that said Stonewater had given him my number to call about making the repairs. I climbed into the attic and discovered that the Stonewater employees has connected the 2-bathroom vent ducts together. Gail Walker of Stonewater always responds to my questions and is always there to help. Fantastic. 0000092214 00000 n Seems to be a theme that they focus on profit over the poor people they promise to help. For more information, take a look at one of the topics below: Find out about a range of safety information, including gas, fire, electrical, water, carbon monoxide and asbestos. I had asked them to not drop bundles of singles from a worker's shoulder onto the . The easiest way to report your repair is via MyHome. Use the links below to access additional information about this case on the US Court's PACER system. I'm really pleased Tracey could help you :) ^Jade. Very grateful! Find out how we combat fake reviews. Stonewater 2014-2023 Modern slavery and human trafficking statement | Public liability insurance Web design and development by Nvisage. Thank you for bringing this to our attention - we'll do better to avoid a scenario like this in the future - Hani. I found some tape left from the singling of my roof in the attic, and I tied them up temporary. 155 0 obj <> endobj Hi Kathleen, I'm really sorry to hear that you've been going through a tough time. Stonewater 2014-2023 Modern slavery and human trafficking statement | Public liability insurance Web design and development by Nvisage. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Then eventually got a new boiler fitted but since then nothing but issues. Stonewater Inc is currently rated 4.9 overall out of 5. 0000003684 00000 n I'll make sure that Charlene knows this and also pass this on to her managers and team. From start to finish, the agent who handled my move has been nothing but helpful. MR. Mrs Ruth Soden. We undertake some works throughout the year to keep where you live in good shape. At least our negotiations with the other housing provider has proved positive, fruitful and confident. Your name * Total mess of a company ! These agencies . We plough our surplus into building new homes, improving our existing housing stock and investing in customer services. That means we manage over 500 homes on . Please DO NOT add attachments that contain your or other peoples personal information, if you dont want it to be visible to the public. The broken Perlin was replaced, but the rafter was not fixed. hb```b`` B@1V E">f2D> W#rx!&,Lx sJ9c`qq h`````TRq i et, i1 [ #.%&C"F_>yA*KJopgga`X`5Va.^b` @ (7 I'll pass this onto Suzan ~ Matt. A huge Thank you to Samantha at Stonewater for all her help and support throughout the process of attaining my tenancy. Firstly I went over 6 weeks with no hot water and heating. When they did, they pulled my dryer vent pipe loose inside the wall. FSS is committed to its customers! Hi Sarah. People are so lovely and really helpful. I had really good experience. Modern slavery and human trafficking statement. !, and don't listen to us good tenants on most things.SHAME ON YOU STONEWATER !!!!!! You can access MyHome on the web or via the MyHome app. %%EOF If youre not sure what to do, get in touch with us so we can help. I had two-bathroom vents that vented into one of the wind turbines. Over the last 5 years they Remodeled our kitchen, laundry room, and formal. Copyright Stonewater. He is in his 50s and an alcoholic, what the hell are you playing at? 'communal heating'? Amazing employee. Dissatisfaction/complaints policy You can view our dissatisfaction/complaints policy here. Shared owners have had a bad deal at this scheme for many years and do not benefit from any care or attention from Stonewater yet they take service charges and rent without being answerable for terrible management. Great to hear your kind words about Gail. He said he would turn this in. This year I've had nothing but issues with my boiler. He said that they had fixed it anyway. I ask him if Stonewater had said who was paying for it. All the family can say is ' shame on you Stonewater.'' I called the office the next day and ask the lady who answered the phone to make sure that when they sent someone out to make these repairs, that it is someone who is vaccinated for Covid-19. Stonewater Inc accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Financing Available. We never leave a job unfinished, or a customer unsatisfied with our level of service. We'll be happy to hear from you. My virtual Property inspection with Suzan was really efficient and easy. This grant supports families to have access to basic household needs and in our family's case, it was general appliances i.e. Although it has taken 6 months Tracey has been amazing throughout regular communication and very caring when my son was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties due to the condition of the flat. 180 0 obj <>stream The house is absolutely beautiful in side and out !! Although the government has lifted all Covid restrictions that affect the way we work in your homes, were still committed to keeping our customers and colleagues safe. The CCP will then meet and make their recommendations within 5 days of their meeting. They ask me to get a moister meter and check the moister in the attic, which I have done, plus I had my AC company check it also and it is within normal range. Great Job . A couple of days after they had left, my wife noticed that when we turn one bathroom vent on, you can hear it in the other bathroom vent. Our 800+ employees embody our values being ethical, ambitious, passionate, agile and commercial. is a leading complaint resolution website on the Internet. COMPLAINT 202000534 Stonewater Limited 22 October 2021 Our approach The Housing Ombudsman's approach to investigating and determining complaints is to decide what is fair in all the circumstances of the case. (727) 582-3100. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. Thanks Sandra! We will sometimes need access to your home, for example, to inspect a repair or service gas appliances. We aim to acknowledge expressions of dissatisfaction within two working hours and to acknowledge complaints within two working days. There are some things in your home which are your responsibility to look after and if they need repairing, youll need to get them fixed. !Thank you soooo much for helping me get on my feet with things I needed for my property. Breaching data protection policies and staff still working from home with our personal information. HW[o7}_%DD BU$!%sld If you are an L&G customer your complaint will be handled in line with L&G processes. Give us a call or click to request a quote today Show more, Foundation Support Specialists offers foundation repair services for both slab and pier & beam foundation types. DO NOT BELIEVE STONEWATER OR CONSIDER SHARED OWNERSHIP .We are so tired and have sleepless nights. Hope this helps. Find out about alterations, improvements and adaptions. Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. 7 Jun 2022. Making an expression of dissatisfaction or a complaint, Modern slavery and human trafficking statement, All rights reserved. I would highly recommend them. When they arrived, they started removing everything on my roof. Please contact us using the appropriate link below: Customer enquiry If you have a general enquiry, whether it's about your agreement, paying your rent or anything else you need to know, please contact us by using the email form below. 0000000016 00000 n ^Jade, This review is for Tracey leatherland at stone Leigh she recently helped me to get a grant for white goods she was awesome professional went above and beyond to help brilliant thanks so much. We plough our surplus into building new homes, improving our existing housing stock and investing in customer services. 0000005570 00000 n This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. Find out how to make a complaint and how we will deal with your complaint. Sam has been very professional and her communication has been brilliant.I would recommend Stonewater and will be telling everyone about my experience with them. I must be a worry to have an active leak in her home. After they evaluated the bathroom, it took 4 days later to get the bid. To be called or to. If you feel you need to make a complaint, the first thing we'll do is try to sort out any concerns you may have and find a solution. They should be enjoying their retirement, not being driven slowly mad because you wont move this man to an appropriate property! This form will not work unless you enable cookies. What a wonderful review. ~ Matt, I was nominated Tracy to take me through my move in and any problems I had, she was absolutely amazing! What can I do? Give us a call, or request a free quote today. Thank you. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. I have had it tested and were told that it has to be from moister getting into my attic. We aim to acknowledge expressions of dissatisfaction within two working hours and to acknowledge complaints within two working days. This has really affected my mental health.Communication between all 3 companies is absolutely rubbish. Enjoy your new home! Well versed in excuses and trying to overcharge tenants. I have constant smell of damp in my house. She is a very special person in our lives. I sent an email to Stonewater this year, but never received a response. Copyright Stonewater. He has denied any responsibly. 0000008059 00000 n They have been on the roof for the eleven years I have lived here, and I have never had a problem with mold in the attic until Stonewater installed the roof. That's great to hear! With an annual turnover of around 187 million and 1.7 billion in assets, Stonewater is a strong, dynamic and well-managed social business, with a long-term rating of A+ by independent credit ratings agency, S&P Global Ratings and a top G1/V1 governance and viability ranking from the Regulator of Social Housing. Thank you Tracey. Stonewater Roofing is an A+++++++ roofing company that goes the extra step to ensure a quality roof is installed and make customers happy. I would like to say a big thank you to Krissy McKay who has helped me from the application stage to getting the keys to the flat. On 08-18-2019 Stonewater roofing removed my singles, Wind turbines, and a dryer vent from my roof. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. Stonewater Inc 4.9 (3) Verified Reviews About Contact Reviews Founded 1989 With Angi since August 2010 Also d/b/a - Kitchens & Baths Unlimited. We offer a wide variety of financing options and stand behind our services with a variety of warranties. I have talked to the VP about the mold and the fact that it came back where their contractor was supposed to remove it and the fact that that the 2-bathroom vents were venting that moister into the attic could be the cause of the mold. ^Jade, I had my telephone appointment with Tracey Leatherland, regarding a grant to help me, she was extremely helpful and genuinely kind and understood my circumstances, I would definitely recommend Tracey! Stonewater Contractors LLC Contact Information. If you've made a complaint to us and are not happy with the outcome, you can contact the Housing Ombudsman Service after you receive our final response. endstream endobj 156 0 obj <>/Metadata 41 0 R/Pages 40 0 R/StructTreeRoot 43 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 157 0 obj >/PageTransformationMatrixList<0[1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 -297.638]>>/PageUIDList<0 213>>/PageWidthList<0 420.945>>>>>>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 420.945 595.276]/Type/Page>> endobj 158 0 obj <> endobj 159 0 obj <>stream The easiest way to report your repair is via MyHome. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. You can also read ourComplaints, Compliments and Comments Policy and our Compensation Policy for more information about how we deal with complaints. We just want them to buy back our share of the house so that we can find a place to call home.this is their motto if you phone and are kept hanging on for sometime 30-40 minutes and then they state that they will respond in X daysand so the problems start again. If someone in your home has Covid symptoms, please tell us so we can work out how to visit you in a Covid-safe way. Thanks for the review and feedback! Then they removed a 4-inch vent cap that was where my dryer vented through the attic. By phone: 0300 111 3000 (9:15am - 5:15pm, Monday to Friday), By post: Housing Ombudsman Service, PO Box 152, Liverpool L33 7WQ, By calling our Customer Service Centre on 01202 319 119, By writing to us at: Stonewater, Suite C, Lancaster House, Grange Business Park, Enderby Road, Whetstone, Leicester, LE8 6EP, All rights reserved. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves. We are increasing our visits and work in neighbourhoods and we may be able to do something here. Glad to hear that we've been able to support you. He said I guess you are, they told me to contact you. We have been trying to buy the property we live in for over 20 years as we feel the amount of investment Stonewater has made from me and my wife throughout the years PLUS what they would make from the sale is of the property is MORE than enough, yet a FLAT NO was issued every time ! 0000066042 00000 n I understand that a letter was emailed to you today concerning this matter but we thank you for bringing this to our attention. The flat is lovely and we can't wait to move in. They were venting from one bathroom to the other bathroom. Thanks Kirsty. I'm really sorry that you've had to chase us for the correct email address repeatedly. We discussed the cracked rafter that had never been fixed and mold that had reappeared in the den. If youre vulnerable and need us to stay out of certain areas of your home, please let us know when you contact us. They agreed to remove the ridge vent and put the wind turbines back, which they did. 0000012248 00000 n Also d/b/a - Kitchens & Baths Unlimited. Our ambitious house-building programme aims to build 1,500 new homes per year from 2019 onwards, driven by our vision of everyone having the opportunity to have a place that they can call home. I'm glad you had a great experience with Jo in starting your tenancy. I would recommend Stonewater and will be telling everyone about my experience with them. To view these, please download a copy from the links below. Thanks for leaving a review Natalia! He went into the attic and saw the vent ducts that need to be tied in correctly. Hello Margaret. I'm not happy with the outcome. 2023 Trustpilot A/S. Not only did she make me feel supported, and listened to without the undeniable stigma attached to being a struggling single parent-to-be, she was a pleasure to communicate with! 0000006695 00000 n Family owned & operated. We aim to respond to all email queries within two working days. ;ZE/?G)AHorRw=l >uN$ooSv1P2X9VaGF="GWOL4I>X4s!""aBURXJLRa\^K*/ -k|?%&QN]%7}4@go+ibU;Q`. Been going on for months.Just had her on the phone in tears. Love my home, but very stressful company to deal with when it comes to repairs, waiting 3 half months for an allocated parking space to be repainted, we constantly have other people using our parking space,which leaves us with no where to park. The bid was all typed up and professional looking but was $1,100 higher than the offer we took. If your home is under 12 months old, find out about how to report any defects and other useful information here. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Featured review. First gas leak, then water leak which is still on going now. I told him I was not paying for the repairs, and he hung up. Julija assured an easy and smooth process. I notice some mold on a couple of the rafters. In a few weeks a man came by to fix the mold. Enter a zip code and get matched to businesses near you. I told him that that is bath vents, not my dryer. Stonewater's privacy policy provides you with information about how we collect, use and protect any information you give us when using our website. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. No point in giving you details as the family has decided to move out our relation. He even made the statement that the Gutter Helmet that is on my gutters could be part of the problem. We also offer extensive concrete repair, waterproofing, encapsulation, and drainage options. %PDF-1.4 % 0000001330 00000 n Find out more about these on Estate services. 0000008478 00000 n They charged for 3 wind turbines but installed a ridge vent instead. Thank you for your honest review. 0000000832 00000 n They did a great job. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. Everything went perfect, on time. - Hani. Well make sure that for those customers who need extra support at home (such as those in retirement living, for example) are given priority for any repairs that are needed that could cause stress, anxiety and health problems, such as heating and hot water. You must do this within 15 working days of our response. She made me feel at ease and got the job done efficiently. They did say they would fix the rafter, but as of today it has not been done. If we can't investigate your complaint for you, we'll explain why and direct you to the Housing Ombudsman Service for support. Compliance with the Code forms part of the membership obligations set out in the Housing Ombudsman Scheme. Filing 1 COMPLAINT against Stonewater Roofing, LTD. CO. ( Filing fee $ 400 receipt number 0540-7263820. How to protect your home from frost damage, burst pipes, condensation, home energy, pests and vermin and home insurance. Bloody awful. not going to fresh air. Her cheerful laughter and mood makes us all feel that little bit better every day.So on behalf of all the tenants at Norfolk House we would like to say a very big thank you for making our lives that little bit better each day and that we all love her to bits. Hello Mr Voysey. The dryer is on the other end of my house. Binbags everywhere stains all on corridor carpets ..this place isnt fit for animals, Hi, I'm so sorry to hear this and understand this must be incredibly frustrating. endstream endobj 179 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[43 112]/Length 27/Size 155/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream Family owned & operated. We will not put up with our elderly relation being treated like a nobody. He came bake later and fixed the dryer vent and left. Date of experience: April 18, 2023 Reply from Stonewater Morning Karolina, I'm really please Georgia was so helpful and hope you enjoy your new home! Largo FL 33777. I let Stonewater know what I had observed, and they sent a 2 man crew out the next day to fix these problems. Could not have gone better. MyHome is available 24/7 and might save you a bit of time if the phone lines are busy. ), filed by Jason Coker. But if something has gone wrongand we havent been able to put it right, you can make a formalcomplaint to us. We achieved a One Star rating in the 2019 Best Companies survey and are ranked 78th in the Top 100 best not-for-profit organisations to work for and 25th in the best housing associations to work for in 2019. The Housing Ombudsman Service is free and impartial, providing dispute resolution for landlords and customers. Stonewater continue to put the rent up but do not improve services. We would like your views on the Customer Complaints Panel whether you have ever used them or not in order to help us shape our complaints process. Used them three times already. This is where the problem started. Tracey was very helpful throughout the process, she was efficient in completing the application form, and she was very kind. We also offer extensive concrete repair, waterproofing, encapsulation, and drainage options. You can access MyHome on the web or via the MyHome app. Making an expression of dissatisfaction or a complaint, Modern slavery and human trafficking statement, All rights reserved. That housing provider was shocked at the rise and called it '' unneccesary.'' Everything has gone smoothly and we are very grateful to have a home now. Thanks for sharing :) ~ Matt, Disgusting our rubbish left outside the front doors as not taken by Waze ??? I told him this is not acceptable. 0000001152 00000 n Sam has been very professional and her communication has been brilliant. I live on eastbourne in a small block of 18 flats.Ive posted before about stonewater, and mostly its not good, and now find myself having to post again due to their total lack of action regarding a couple,or as we all know them here by the neighbours from hell, due to them thinking its fine to extend their flat out into the hall way/lobby area, which has another flat there also.They have a sideboard, table lamp, ornaments and plants in an area that is supposed to be totally clear for fire reasons, but they use it as another room.The tenant next door is a single woman who finds them intimidating, and says nothing.Several tenants have reported it to stonewater, but nothing has been done to get them to clear it all, so we were forced to contact the fire brigade, who were told its being dealt with, but they have had this week to call them and tell them to remove the stuff, but nothing.It seems if you are bad tenants you can do exactly as you want, which this couple do, with numerous complaints and umpteen police visits to the block, and it seems that they are reluctant to deal with these people , who previously were evicted from the council, for anti social behaviour, and the council loaded stonewater with them in our block.They get away with doing whatever they want at all hours of the day and night, but stonewater do nothing, and fob you off, as though they are scared to do anything against them, or upset them.Who exactly are the landlords here ?Seems good tenants get ignored, and the worse you are, the more you can get away with and do what you like.Im not going to go into everything they do as i could write a book on it, but lets just say living in this block, over the last two or three years has been hell for many including myself, and its extremely unpleasant wondering day to day what they will do next.Whatever us good tenants may report, complain or say, we are always fobbed off, and it never changes.Ive put into move, and its taking awhile on health grounds and for my own sanity., but mean while this day to day soap opera we have here just carries on, but its so easy for stonewater to ignore rather than deal with anything.I really feel for the good tenants in this block as none of us deserve it, and cant enjoy day to day living, despite what our tenancies say we should expect.Their scared off them!! To find more licensing information for your state, visit our. Do you have a community champion in your neighbourhood? DO NOT EVER ENTER INTO SHARED OWNERSHIP WITH STONEWATER. I can see that someone has arranged to come out and have a look at the issues you're describing. They must have a lot of work to do. We have notified Fortem to fix the issue as soon as possible, they should contact you with a date. I've chased this up with our team so we can get this sorted for you ^Jade, Application process was very easy and the lady was lovely and answered any questions I had. Once again, I apologise for the inconvenience caused, and I wish you a speedy recovery. . I can't go out for long due to having to keep emptying bowls of water. 0000065925 00000 n Shared owners are continually ignored and the best Stonewater can do is to apologise/sympathise and offer raising complaints to higher levels but despite requesting this on many, many occasions your complaint gets lost in the ether of excuses, staff leaving, grenfell, Covid or any other excuse they can find. <<65219BED45A97B489F6E77CA3104E887>]/Prev 338206/XRefStm 1152>> You guessed, reply from some other complaints partner with all the same excuses and full of sympathy yet not linking with all other complaints in past 6/7 years. Many thanks,Renee, Hi Renee, thank you so much for your lovely review, I'll make sure Krissy sees this :) Congratulations on your new home and your little one! I will miss my weekly updated with Tracey you have been truly amazing and supportive. 0000006190 00000 n Also, you can get the smell from one bathroom to the other. We achieved a One Star rating in the 2019 Best Companies survey and are ranked 78th in the Top 100 best not-for-profit organisations to work for and 25th in the best housing associations to work for in 2019. Unlock this free profile to update company info and see who's viewing your profile. I'm glad everything has gone smoothly for you :) ^Jade. Good bye. and it would be a good thing to change your google search option from being an affordable housing provider to the real truth of ''unaffordable housing provider.'' What if I'm a Stonewater Legal & General customer? Georgia explained to me everything step by step making sure that everything is put in place. I have lost things that can't be replaced. A designated person; for example Your MP, Councillor or the CCP can also refer your case directly to the Ombudsman if they think your case is serious enough. In fact, how a business responds to customer complaints is one of the most significant components of the BBB Business Rating. ^Jade, Been in our flat for 13 years recently we have had younger people move into them even though the complex is for older people we now get threatened in our laundry room by an individual who thinks he should use the machine before anyone else because he works we are afraid to go in there in case he comes along is this the way to live i dont think anyone cares he called an elderly man a c--t yesterday it wont belong before the abuse turns to violence. My mum also has suffered as I'm get carer and I'm unable to get out and look after her. xref We manage around 32,000 homes in England for over 65,000 customers, including affordable properties for general rent, shared ownership and sale, alongside specialist accommodation such as retirement and supported living schemes for older and vulnerable people, young peoples foyers and womens refuges. These policies apply to customers whose homes are owned by Legal & General Affordable Homes and managed by Stonewater. C ii, Malcolm. I'm an L&G customer. 155 26 Introducing Stonewater, a collection of Homes nestled in the picturesque Las Vegas foothills of Southern Highlands. The Customer Complaint Panel is completely independent of our complaints process; it's recognised by Stonewater and the Housing Ombudsman Service and is made up of members who are also customers of Stonewater. Replies to negative reviews in < 24 hours. Contact ; Community Homes: 702 531 3000 . 0000137380 00000 n Great company to work with. Tracey has been a great help. Love my new flat and cant wait for many happy years to come in it. When you have been through our 2 stage complaints process and you're still not happy with how your complaint has been handled, you can ask the CCP to review your case. Went through two people who appeared professional but they seemed to have too much other work that it took a few days to have them look at the bathroom. 0000007295 00000 n Acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days from when the complaint is received; Provide a formal response within 10 working days from when the complaint is received; Accept where we get things wrong, put it right and learn from our mistakes. is breathless punta cana clothing optional, most nfl players by state per capita, jobs at marvel studios georgia,

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